First Day of CNY Film Professionals Workshop

Last Saturday, I managed to join CNY Film Professionals latest workshop. Although it was just the first day, I was really excited to learn what’s new.

I was curious to take this course to help myself enhance my filmmaking talents. So I decided to sign myself up for CNY Film Professionals’s Workshop for the year. Their program works by having one meet-up each month. The first day is basically “Syllabus Day”. It’s when they make an introduction to the class, go through all of the rules before we move into the hands-on practicing.

Although it was a pretty long day, I had a great time because I was meeting with other creative people like myself and I was eager to work with them.

After the introduction was over, it was time for us to learn how to use the Walkie Talkies. When you work on a film studio with cameramen and actors, it’s important to use the walkie-talkie to communicate with the other people working on the set. We also practiced rehearsing a scene for a movie and I was a background actor.

Even though it was the first day, I though it was a refreshing experience from CNY Professionals and I can’t wait for more meet ups to come!

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