Meeting my Job Coaches

Hey Everyone! So today has been a very eventful morning. I had to go out and meet with my Job Coaches named Dave Devendorf and Theresa Collins, who are planning to help me interact on a job interview.

They explained to me that while they are impressed that I have the skills, they just needed to prepare me for how to use my film portfolio as a strategy for people on LinkedIn to come look and get more recognition and possibilities for a job application.

Three of the steps I might do is post my old videos on LinkedIn for people to see. Next, I would post more often on WordPress as well as LinkedIn so people will notice and check out my business, JVR Productions. Then the final step is setting up a 2-minute video resume of little segments of the professional work I’ve done over the years.

This homework is going to be a lot of work. But as David says, it doesn’t happen all in one day. It takes time to get there. I’m really excited!

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