The Problem with COPPA

COPPA; where to begin with this law? Well for starters, there are three things wrong with it:

1) They can fine creators 42,000 dollars for violation of rules – Advertising to kids inappropriate content, etc.

2) They can delete videos and relicense videos without the creator’s consent so they could sell video compilations of popular YouTube channels and actually keep all the money.

3) They reserve the right to delete unprofitable accounts.

So how can a small youtuber ever grow an audience if they can kill your channel at anytime? Of course, small youtubers make up most of the audience, so they can’t seriously consider deleting the accounts of most of the customers. Here is a video by a YouTube marketer, Derral Eves, that sheds a lot of light on this issue.

This becomes a free speech issue because they are starting to regulate youtube by the same rules they use to regulate television. This means less free form content and more of a family-friendly programming because they’re trying to launch a pay service.

Here are the links to a sign a petition if you think Youtube should reconsider this policy.

Petition link:

FTC Message link:

Make your voice heard here! Speak to power! Save Youtube from itself!

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