Worked as a Production Assistant on Congruent Story’s Latest Project

On Friday, I worked with Congruent Story on their project with AgModels. They’re helping AgModels shoot a series of commercials here in Syracuse.

Congruent Story is helping AgModels talk about how their software helps farmers make more money while they help protect the environment.

We shot a total of five interviews at Syracuse University’s CASE Center in their Fishbowl Conference room.  The director was named S.T. and he was really good at putting the interview subject at ease and making the interviews very conversational.

I worked as a production assistant to Danielle Southwick, who was the production manager. Danielle was really nice and she took the time to look at my portfolio of work and gave me advice on sound and lighting techniques for the future.

This was a wonderful learning experience for me. I have done a bunch of my own shoots, but this was the first time I worked with a really professional agency. I’m really grateful to Danielle and the Congruent Story team for letting me be on set for the shoot and I can’t wait to work on some of the raw footage in the future.

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